So, I am about to have a bit of a rant.

Please feel free to skip it. Or not. Whichever. It’s just that I have dealt with this sexist-Moff nonsense for a very long time without exploding, and I have just hit the goddamn boiling point.

The problem with the “The Moff is sexist” crowd is that you always think he’s sexist, no matter what he does.

  • Amy wears a skirt? It’s because the Moff is sexist.
  • Amy wears trousers? It’s because the Moff is sexist.
  • Amy is a Kissogram? It’s because the Moff is sexist for pointing out the fact that most sex workers and not-quite-sex workers are Actual Real Fucking People who do it of their own choice, and deserve neither our pity nor our condemnation. Oh, wait, no, what’s the opposite?
  • A woman in WWII takes care of orphaned kids because she lost her son? The Moff is sexist for thinking that women care about their children.
  • A king in pre-Revolutionary France makes an in-character sexist comment? Must be because the Moff is sexist, and not because he’s historically accurate.
  • The Moff mentions Karen Gillan is pretty? Must be because he’s objectifying her, and not because she actually is, and he is complimenting her in a respectful fashion.
  • The Moff makes River Song a strong female character with a weakness for a particular man? Why, she’s not in love, the Moff is sexist!
  • Rory comforts an upset woman? The Moff thinks all women are weak and that all men need validation from them, obviously; it couldn’t possibly be that Rory has had to deal with Amy’s closeness to the Doctor for their entire lives and finds Jennifer’s appreciation a nice change to Amy’s closed-off personality.

I can see where you’re coming from, you lot, I really can, because if you look for it hard enough, everything is sexist. But the fact remains that absolutely fucking no one was wanking about the Moff’s supposed sexism on my dash before someone found that one awful interview, took a couple of quotes out of context, and posted them on Tumblr. The Moff has since responded to that with this:

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that you’re all leaping to find things that are sexist after you’ve seen something in a bad interview that he may not actually have said, and you’re now seeing sexism like Glenn Beck sees a liberal conspiracy. I shall conclude with the following quote, in which the Moff discusses writing a character named Lynda Day from his first show, Press Gang.

“Because I’ve never been a 17 year old girl, it’s rather interesting to think like one, or rather to force yourself to consider the world from that perspective. And it actually started to make me angry. I’d never really thought about it before, but you know, when I’d consider the world from the viewpoint of this dynamic, highly intelligent, highly talented 17 year old girl, and think what’s going to happen to her, think about how much harder it’s going to be for her than it would be if she’d been a boy - it made me so angry.

So, you know. Either someone in the media wanted to make the person they were interviewing look bad (a phenomenon that has certainly never occurred before in the history of Britain, television, or the world), or the Moff’s sexism is like Amy Pond’s pregnancy in that it comes and goes, quantum-fast.

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